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Discussion: 999 Workers Say

The Scottish Ambulance Service is working with Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to highlight the impact of alcohol misuse on staff. This follows a survey where we asked frontline staff to give us feedback on how alcohol misuse has an impact on their duties within a four week period.

The results of the survey are below:

  • Approximately one in three emergency services staff who responded to the survey have been subjected to physical abuse while attending an incident as a result of alcohol misuse, this includes more than one in three police officers and almost one in five Scottish Ambulance Service staff.
  • Approximately two of three emergency workers reported in the survey that they have endured verbal abuse due to alcohol misuse. Three quarters of police officers surveyed experienced abuse and two out of three paramedics.
  • Almost two thirds of emergency services staff included in the survey have faced difficulties in securing urgent information at incidents because of victims/callers alcohol misuse, including two thirds of police officers and paramedics and one in five fire officers.
  • 68% of emergency workers answering the survey encountered challenges from the public due to alcohol misuse, including three of every four paramedics.
  • Roughly half of incidents that 999 workers reported in the survey have alcohol misuse as a contributory factor.

We would be grateful if you could share your thoughts on these results below.