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Discussion: Use of technology in rural locations

Kilchoan in West Ardnamurchan will be taking part of a pilot scheme, which could revolutionise health care in Scottish communities. A telehealth clinic has been set up in Kilchoan’s Highland and Island Collage building, with a direct satellite link to Aberdeen’s Emergency Care Centre. Patients who require treatment will go to the clinic and will be treated by the local Emergency Responder group on the best course of action.

How do you think technology will help health care in rural locations?


Placement of AEDs in remote/rural locations across Scotland

Cheryl watson
It could be a fantastic idea. I'm all for using technology to its full advantage. However there may be some who may feel awkward talking to a screen rather than a person. Also how accurate would the imagery be as often colours and tones are not as good as being seen with naked eye.

Absolutely! I am currently studying towards a PhD at the University of Aberdeen at the dot,rural hub (www.dotrural.ac.uk). My research is looking at how stress experienced by Community First Responders can be reduced through human-machine interaction and how such methods could be applied to systems being deigned to aid CFRS. I am involved in the MIME project (www.dotrural.ac.uk/mime) that looks to develop a system using novel health sensors and natural language generation to improve handover to professional clinicians. Other projects at dot.rural look to investigate the tele-health such as the TOPPS project (http://www.dotrural.ac.uk/tops/)

Robert MacDonald
Yes that does help! but so does a basic skill base which I think is laking in much of scotland! so few can deal with an MI, CVA, RTC, cardiac arrest, majoy haemorraging etc. Compulsary first aid training from a young age is what is needed in conjunction with the rolling out of AEDs

Telemedicine is going to become more The Norm, my prediction