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We value your feedback

Have you or a family member had a recent experience of using our services?

If yes, we would welcome your feedback. What was good? What could have made it better?

The Scottish Ambulance Service is committed to delivering safe person centred care. Your feedback is important to us and will help us to have a greater understanding of your needs and expectations and allows us to make changes and improvements.

You can give your comments by using the feedback form below.

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What Happens Next

Once you have submitted your comment you will receive an acknowledgement. We will describe on the feedback page how we have used the comments to improve services. We will not share or publish any personal details. We may contact you if any further information is needed from you to enable us to deal with your comment.

Making a complaint

We are looking to get your feedback and views of the Scottish Ambulance Service through this form. If you want to make an official complaint, it is important that you get more information about how to do so by following the Scottish Ambulance Service complaints process which you can find on our website.