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Rules for Participation


Certain activities on this site require user registration. Personal information supplied to as part of this registration process will be collected, stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection act and privacy policy of this site.

You agree to use surveys, forums, consultation and any and all other means of contributing material for use by the Scottish Ambulance Service in accordance with the following rules.

Legal compliance

Use of the site is conditional on compliance with laws in force within Scotland. You may not submit or share any defamatory or illegal material of any nature or in any format.

Contributions to this site which commit or which intend to commit or which solicit the commission or promote the commission of any illegal act are prohibited.

By contributing material, you warrant that you either possess copyright in or have the express permission of the copyright holder for, any material so contributed.

Contribution of material which infringes the intellectual property rights, privacy or other legal rights of third parties is expressly forbidden.

Rules for participation - prohibited contributions

Content and contributions with the following attributes are prohibited and will be removed or prevented from appearing as soon as the site operators or designated agents or designated site moderators become aware of their presence:

  • contributions which are or are considered not to be legal, decent and honest
  • promotion or advertising material
  • contributions which are or are considered to be abusive, threatening, obscene, discriminatory or defamatory in any way (Contributions should maintain a civil tone and not be, or be intended to be offensive, intimidating or threatening).
  • links or urls which point to sites or material which contravenes or is considered to contravene any of the above rules or which does not directly relate to an issue under consideration on the site
  • other links and urls which link to or refer to external web sites, may be included at the discretion of site operators and/or moderators
  • spamming or off-topic material
  • any contribution which personally identifies an individual or would allow them to be identified.

Rules for use of User Accounts

It is not permitted to user accounts for the impersonation of another individual or to falsely represent the views of another individual or entity.

User names and names or labels which might otherwise appear upon the site through possession of a user account must not be obscene, offensive, illegal or defamatory in any way.

Abuse of the system

Material which is posted that breaches any of the terms and conditions laid out here may lead to further action. Users of the system undertake to indemnify the site operators in case of any action taken against them as a result of their use of the system and accept all responsibility for the contributions that they make as publishers of that information.